Top Interior Design Trends in 2020

One of the most important tasks any NJ interior designer has is to help their clients avoid stale ideas and make the most of their indoor rooms. With help from, it’s easy to incorporate great trends today and make any space the interior design it can be.

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Elegant Earth Tones

Earth tones are right now. Soft shades of brown and grey make any interior inviting and understated. Use terracotta on the walls and add white along the sides to provide a soothing backdrop for your current and future plans.

Curves Everywhere

Another style that shows off the best interior design NJ is making use of curves. Get rid of those straight lines where you can. Curvy sofas invite guests to sit down and relax. Add matching armchairs to create a warm and cozy feel just right for a weekend sitting back and reading your favorite novel.

Nature Made Materials

Nature is the best designer. Designers see how nature does what it does so well. Follow Mother Nature’s design aesthetics and make the most of wonderful materials like stone, wool and wood. Wood chairs topped with wool throws are a welcome addition to the kitchen. Stone flooring is cool underfoot and totally green.

Bold Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is a good choice in a room that needs some help. Turn on the drama on one wall with a large floral wallpaper mural. This is an excellent way to add fascinating contrast in a room that might otherwise feel bland. Look for a large series of lively flowers set against black or vivid turquoise.

Varied Metals

Designers today are mixing it up to great effect. Metal items don’t need to match anymore. They’re showing how people can blend gold with bronze and silver. Follow their lead. It’s best to let one form of metal such as brass take the lead. A large brass centerpiece can serve as an amazing focal point in any room. Add in smaller items such as vases in other metals for a totally modern look.