5 Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder

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Your custom home is one of the largest and most personal investments you’ll make. After all, this is the house that will host your family’s memories for years to come!

The right builder will understand your unique needs and vision, let you participate in the design and building process, and craft a well-built home within the budget you’ve set out.

An important and complex project like this takes the right partner. Here are five tips for choosing a custom home builder:

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1. Ask plenty of questions. Write a list of questions and bring them with you to your initial meetings. The National Association of Home Builders has put together these suggested questions to help get you started. If you have a friend or family member who has built a home before, ask them what they wish they’d known going into the process. Prospective builders should be happy to answer your questions in detail and with examples.

2. Go to home shows and tour models. See as many of the builders’ houses as possible to get a first-hand look at the designs and quality of work you can expect. Drive through the communities each prospective builder is currently working in. Don’t be afraid to stop and ask homeowners if they’d be willing to share their experiences and whether they’d recommend the builder or not.

3. Review the home-building process. Every builder uses a different process for constructing a custom home – from initial meeting to design and product selection. Ask potential builders about their process and your role in the project. You’ll want to understand who they work with, what kind of input you’ll be able to have, the timeframe they can meet, and other elements. Look for a builder who can execute a smooth process from start to finish and who welcomes your input.

4. Request references. Ask prospective builders for references – and actually visit with them! Reputable builders will have a proven track record of high-quality work and happy customers who are willing to vouch for them.

5. Consider your connection. The new home builder you select will be charged with bringing your dream home to life. Essentially, you’re entering into a relationship with your builder. You want someone you can openly communicate with, someone who is responsive and transparent with you, and a team that is helpful and knowledgeable. Review your interactions with potential builders and the connections you’ve made with them.

We’re proud to be your custom home builder.

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