3 Reasons to Hire a Design-Build Contractor for Custom Home Construction

3 Reasons to Hire a Design-Build Contractor for Custom Home Construction

Discover the numerous advantages of design-build services to effectively prepare for your new custom-home construction. From superior company-to-client collaboration to all-in-one professional expertise, design-build contractors offer developers and future homeowners several options unavailable in the traditional architect/general contractor system. Choose design-build for the following three impressive reasons.

Convenient One-Stop Shopping

If you’re unfamiliar with home construction or don’t have immediate architect and contractor contacts, building a home will require extensive research into company and contractor portfolios, pricing, estimated project timelines, and so on. Design-build combines architect and contractor services under one roof, giving you access to a team of experts ready to supply coordinating information with the same goal — designing and building your beautiful new residence.

Expect convenient one-stop shopping, inherent in design-build contracting services, to provide a host of additional benefits related to contractor availability and company accountability for each design and construction decision. Some design-build firms employ certified architects as custom design leads, and these professionals work closely with in-house general contractors to build your dream home according to your individual style and budget preferences.

Superior Time and Money Savings

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Design-build conveniences continue even after you’ve found the right contractor or firm. For client-oriented billing transactions, most design-build firms separate design and construction phases. If you want to explore outside builder options, you can look for another contractor while your project remains in the design phase, then cancel the contract and take your blueprints elsewhere for development. Every step in the process ensures you have control over your investment.

Alternatively, if you use the same design-build firm for design and construction, you may gain additional savings. Many design-build contractors include discounts for customers who choose in-house construction services. Keep in mind that larger and more successful design-build firms may be more likely to accommodate your vision with a wide range of custom build expertise.

Time- and money-saving benefits don’t end here. Typically, design-build contractors utilize a negotiated bid system where you pay an hourly or fixed percentage for joined design and construction services. This eliminates any extraneous costs calculated into future contractor bidding.

Clear Communication and Close Construction Oversight

Extra money in your pocket can’t be beat, but, ultimately, you need a solid job expertly coordinated to produce final results you and your family can cherish for generations. Using design-build, you’ll gain clear, personal communication with the company and between in-house architects and builders. This close-knit system, built on professional trust and expertise, produces portfolio-worthy homes of the highest industry standards.

Close communication with design-build contractors and firms means you stay up-to-date on necessary interior and exterior design changes, project timeline extensions, and so on. In addition, you’ll gain the peace of mind of mutual architect/builder trust and cooperation. As a result, you’ll know which features must be adjusted and optimized to meet safety regulations. From start to finish, this partnership provides complete transparency.

Design-Build Custom Home Construction

Take advantage of design-build contracting services to receive the best custom home construction. Although independent designers and general contractors provide locally reliable results, many have limited staff, training, resources and the ability to produce efficient, cost-effective homes. Gain superior professionalism tailored to unique development plans in any specified location. Custom home construction remains a design-build specialty. Request expert design-build services today.